LS telcom

In today’s connected world, our Smart Spectrum Solutions maximize the advantages of emerging communication technologies for individuals, businesses, and society. LS telcom, a Germany-based leader in radio communications, spectrum management, and monitoring, optimizes regulatory processes and ensures uninterrupted connectivity. With over 30 years of experience and clients in 100+ countries, LS telcom stands as a key facilitator in global communication, serving regulators and network operators as a comprehensive one-stop solution.

Are you ready to hop on the wave of the future

 Ls telcom provide software, IT systems, hardware, planning services & consultancy for optimal spectrum use

Spectrum Policy, Licensing & Management

We support you in optimizing the use of the RF spectrum – allocate frequencies efficiently, avoid or solve interferences, award licenses, and calculate and collect spectrum fees.

Spectrum Monitoring

Spectrum regulators and operators alike need to permanently monitor the entire spectrum in order to effectively manage it.

Critical Radio Communications & Private Networks

We are your competent partner for critical communications and private networks. You can rely on our support during the complete process from an initial requirement analysis until commissioning your radio network.

Network Planning Tools

Our portfolio consists of strategy and technology consulting, system design, radio planning, engineering services, software solutions, and hardware

systems to plan, implement, and optimize radio communication networks.

Airborne Measurements

LS telcom together with Colibrex develops specially designed drones/UAVs for antenna measurements, spectrum monitoring, and verification of aircraft navigation systems (NAVaids).

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