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AI Spera was founded in 2017 as a project initiated in a research lab by Byungtak Kang, who has been a corporate security director and an experienced university professor for a long time, and Huy Kang Kim, a hacker-turned-professor.

Support As Many Corporates, Security Developers, And Researchers As Possible To View The Attack Surface Through The Perspective Of An Attacker

Criminal IP is a cutting-edge intellectual property protection product designed by Ai Spera to identify, monitor, and enforce IP rights, safeguarding valuable digital assets from illicit activities and ensuring a secure online environment for businesses and creators


We offer a variety of solutions that apply Cyber threat intelligence and AI/machine learning. Our solutions are used in various fields for customers ranging from individuals to companies and countries.

  • Criminal IP IP-based Cyber Threat Intelligence Search Engine.
  • Criminal IP ASM IT Asset Threat Detection Attack Surface Management Solution.
  • Criminal IP FDS IP Intelligence-based Fraud Detection System
  • Criminal IP Protection Automation solution for illegal copyright infringement site detection
  • Criminal IP SecOps IP Intelligence-based Internal Security Operation
  • Criminal IP EVAS External Vulnerability Assessment Service

API Integration

Criminal IP provides straightforward, easy-to-use APIs designed to block risk-scored IPs or malicious domain links. Use Criminal IP code samples to seamlessly integrate all other functions and the database in your organization’s infrastructure.

  • Identification of VPN/hosting/Tor of the accessed IP
  • Detection of malicious domain links
  • Management of attack surface vulnerabilities within an organizational infrastructure

→ root@criminalip ~ % curl –request GET –url “<ip>” –header “x-api-key: <YOUR_API_KEY>”|

“ip”: “”,
“score”: { “inbound”: 0, “outbound”: 0 },
“country”: “de”,
“country_code”: “de”,
“isp”: “O2 Deutschland”,
“status”: 200

→ root@criminalip ~ %

Criminal Ip Attack surface Management (ASM)

Criminal IP ASM automatically monitors and generates a report on assets exposed to the attack surface.
All IT assets are thoroughly detected globally, with a streamlined introduction procedure requiring registration of only one primary domain.

– It has 4.2 billion IP address info
-Over 300 million domain address data And Growing Every Day Every Moment

Criminal Ip Fraud Detection System (FDS)

Criminal IP FDS is an app that applies IP address-based threat intelligence for the use of Fraud Detection Systems (FDS).
This app can monitor the user’s IP address data at the time of login and monitor financial transactions as they occur.
Detect Abnormal IPs Used for Logins, Registrations, Financial Transactions
Real-time detection of malicious IP addresses
for all accessing users

• Identify abnormal users through IP checks without complicated log analysis
• Monitor accessing IP statuses with real-time updates using dashboards
• Utilize REST API to link security systems/firewalls for real-time detection and blocking of abnormal users.

How API works

Criminal IP’s API integration will detect and block potential malicious users accessing login services in real time.

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