Gravio is an easy-to-use IoT Edge platform that uses industry standards like Zigbee, Bluetooth, MQTT and ONVIF, leveraging the power of computer vision to create smart spaces and experiences. Start for free, and scale up as you grow

what does gravio do?

Gravio is a platform to connect inputs and outputs to enhance efficiency within companies. Other than most other Enterprise Application Integration Platforms, Gravio is very easy to use without coding knowledge and leverages the Edge as well as the Cloud. This means, it can easily work with on-premise data, for example, from sensors or from computer vision systems.


how does it connect?

At Gravio, we continuously create new adapters for data sources, APIs and devices. From Zigbee, HTTP Rest APIs, we build Gravio in a way that makes it easy for you to increase the efficiency of connectivity within your business. Our software runs in the Cloud as well as at the Edge, to leverage the potential or both worlds. We focus on interoperability and open standards, so our customers are not locked in. The Gravio Node software runs on Linux, Mac and Windows.

EDGE & Cloud

Build innovative products and solutions that span across the the cloud as well as on-premise.

no code

Build software solutions quickly without programming knowledge using Gravio Actions and Triggers.

inter operablity

Boost business capabilities by increasing connectivity using Gravio Adapters..


Increase productivity by automating and streamlining processes.

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